So Cal Cyclist Podcast: "Road To Recovery"

So Cal Cyclist Podcast: "Road To Recovery"

You're busy, we get it!

You squeeze in workouts when you can before work, errands, name it. The list of responsibilities is endless, and you may not be thinking about the best ways for you to maximize your workouts and to recover properly before and after them. This is where PRO Compression steps in! Our compression socks help battle muscle soreness and fatigue. When you apply graduated compression in the right places, you increase blood flow and your broken down soft tissue can repair itself more quickly. All you have to do is put on the socks and let them work their magic as you go about the rest of your day.

To learn more about how PRO Compression socks can benefit you, listen to the SoCal Cyclist’s Podcast episode on the Road to Recovery. The podcast also includes some other great recovery tools as well!

Click here to listen: RECOVERY

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