How Compression Socks Help You Recover After a Workout

PRO Compression Socks for Recovery

Benefits of Compression Socks for Fitness Enthusiasts

If you're like many fitness enthusiasts, you enjoy feeling "the burn" during a high-intensity workout. Whether you're focusing on strength training, resistance exercises or endurance workouts, pushing yourself is often the goal of an exercise session. 

Unfortunately, the high intensity we love in the moment leads to muscle soreness we dread a few hours later. Some may experience such intense soreness that they postpone their next workout. Most fitness enthusiasts know that inconsistency is detrimental to meeting any fitness goals, so they make sure to do everything they can to speed up the recovery process. Part of that process includes using compression and the many benefits of compression socks.


PRO Compression Marathon Elite Socks for Recovery - Red
Compression socks help you perform better and recover faster. Pictured: Marathon Elite Red

What Do Compressions Do?

Compression socks work a couple of ways to help you perform better during workouts and recover faster afterwards. Many people believe compression therapy is only helpful for injured muscles. It may surprise you to learn that sore, uninjured muscles can feel the benefits of compression socks as well. 

With PRO Compression socks, featuring true Graduated Compression, you can help tired, sore muscles recover faster after any workout. Thanks to the combination of gravity and your heart working overtime during your workout, muscles in your feet and legs are more likely to suffer swelling and poor circulation after exercise. While many people may think that pain causes swelling, it's actually the other way around. Swelling causes pain. Reduce pain by decreasing swelling.

With the Graduated Compression design, the compression gets tighter the farther away it is from your heart. The arches of your foot, for example, feel a tighter squeeze than your calf. That way, the blood gets an extra boost against gravity, and you avoid all the painful swelling. 

Continued use of compression socks for recovery after a workout has been shown to reduce swelling, improve circulation and reduce muscle soreness in the feet and legs. If you make a habit of using your compression socks, you will be better able to stay on schedule for your fitness goals. 

Using Compression Socks for Shin Splints and Other Small Injuries

Building muscle tissue actually involves tearing it slightly. As your body rebuilds the microscopic tears, the muscle becomes denser and stronger. You can help this process move faster by improving blood circulation. The improved circulation promoted by compression socks will aid your body's natural muscle building processes. 

Sometimes, you end up tearing your muscles too much. When that happens, you end up with a strain or a sprain. Most commonly, runners experience shin splints — an acute pain right behind your shins. Compression socks are great for shin splints, as well as bruises. In most cases, compression socks can be a valuable addition to your treatment program. The benefits of compression socks are even stronger when combined with analgesics to reduce swelling and promote healing. 

Whether your muscles are sore and weak or merely tired after a workout, the benefits of compression socks are invaluable to keeping you on track towards your fitness goals. Never miss another workout because your muscles are too sore. Browse our extensive collection of colorful compression socks. We have a pair for you, whether you prefer no-show ankle socks or bolder, over-the-calf compression socks. We release new designs every month, so make sure to keep up with us!